Auto Insurance Albuquerque

For car insurance Albuquerque residents can rely on, Metroeast Insurance makes it easy to find local auto insurance options that suit your needs. Unlike large national insurance providers, we offer compassionate and friendly customer service to make your search for insurance less stressful. We know how difficult it can be to find an insurance policy that fits your budget, so we are dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with your auto insurance coverage.


Choosing the Right Coverage

There are many different types of auto insurance available, and we know that deciding which one is best for you can be overwhelming. Instead of using confusing industry jargon, we are committed to helping you understand exactly what each type of coverage means. There are two main types of auto insurance Albuquerque motor owners should be aware of, collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Collision insurance covers damage that occurs during an accident, while comprehensive coverage covers all other types of damage to your vehicle. This could include damage from weather-related problems or theft, for example. The type of coverage you need for your vehicle will depend on what you use your car for. If you frequently park your car outside instead of in a garage, you may be more interested in comprehensive insurance to cover weather damage or accidents such as someone backing into your vehicle.


Additional Coverage Options

There are a few additional types of auto insurance that some people choose to add to their policies. For example, some states require you to have personal injury protection. If you ever plan on driving your car in a state with this requirement, it’s a smart item to add to your plan. It covers medical expenses, funeral expenses, and other personal expenses that can be related to a car accident.

You can also opt for just liability coverage, which would pay for any injury you cause others in a car accident, and medical payments coverage, which covers medical treatment for you and your passengers if you are injured in an accident. Finally, you can opt for underinsured coverage, which covers you if you are hit by a motorist with no insurance.


Dependable Albuquerque Auto Insurance

Finding an insurance policy that fits your budget is something we’re very committed to here at Metroeast Insurance. Our experts are here to help you determine what level of deductible and monthly payment makes the most sense given your income and lifestyle to ensure you have the best coverage. We don’t believe that auto insurance should be stressful or difficult to manage, and we’re here to address any challenges that may come up when you’re shopping.

Metroeast Insurance is dedicated to providing the best possible customer service to save you time and money. If you’re interested in learning how we can help you obtain great coverage at competitive rates, give us a call to get started!