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for Albuquerque Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile homesPurchasing a mobile home can be considered a more affordable investment option if you’re looking to become a new homeowner or perhaps need a home away from home. They can be permanent or semi-permanent homes because they can be picked up and transported depending on if you choose to build on a foundation. While the insurance coverage on manufactured/mobile home can be similar to a house, including a policy for the house, personal property, and liability, it can require a slightly different coverage than a normal homeowners policy. Manufactured or mobile home insurance is designed to protect your home, your belongings, and your loved ones from unforeseen damage. .

Insuring Your Manufactured Home

Due to the transportable nature and construction of manufactured and mobile homes, they demand special requirements and policies. Mobile homes can be much more vulnerable and prone to environmental damage than site-built houses, and precautions must be taken when finding the perfect insurance plan. The professional agents at Metroeast Insurance Group in Albuquerque can customize a plan with the right options to cover you and your assets, as well as your liabilities.

Mobile Home Coverage Options in New Mexico

Just like a regular home, mobile home/manufactured home insurance will cover the basics such as property, for if your home takes damage due to a natural disaster, liability, for if someone gets hurt on your property, and contents, to protect all the personal belongings you have within your home should they be stolen or damaged. The amount of coverage you choose can vary greatly depending on how many and how valuable your belongings are, whether or not you want to include other types of insurance such as flood coverage, and many other factors. By working with an experienced, independent insurance agency such as the Metroeast Insurance Group, you can have a specialist walk you through all your options to find the best plan for you!

Below are just a few of the coverage options available to you:

  • Extra structures on your property
  • Personal Property
  • Injuries on your property (liability)
  • Damage to other properties
  • Protection against natural disasters, fire, and wind damage

At Metroeast Insurance Group, we’ve partnered with several of the top-rated insurance companies in the nation so that we can bring you the coverage you need for the best, most affordable price for your budget. Let us find a policy for you to make sure your mobile home and all of its contents are protected in the Albuquerque area!